Insecurities, disappointments, and low self-esteem talk you out of God’s dream. Dogs might be barking so loud that you can’t hear the Spirit within that says: “Everyone has seeds of greatness. You have a gift to share with the world. There is a buried treasure in you. You have true potential that has not yet been released. You may have victories in the past, but that’s nothing compared to what God has instore for your future.”

God didn’t make average people. You are not ordinary!

You can overcome all obstacles. You can recover from a fall. When you go out of your comfort zone and step out in faith, God releases more of His favor. When you think bigger, God will act bigger. God shows up — and in unusual ways. If you take care of the natural, He will do the supernatural. If you take care of the ordinary, He will do the extraordinary. “

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18 October 2014 valerienna

Happy birthday to my iMed yolo/adventure/rant/alis/foodtrip/shopping/liwaliw/drama/lahatna buddy!!!!! 18 ka na but don’t get extra wild yet, wait for meeeee hehe. <3

Thank youuu for everything, Abby!! Thank you for your kwentos and hugs and clinginess, for listening to all my shiz about life even if you have your own and for the countless times you’ve been there for me. :) Thank you for all the help and for introducing me to the magastos life (HAHAHA huhu enjoy naman lol jk), for our foodtrips and lakad trips, the Feast dates, random liwaliw in Rob, for giving me your opinions straight out whenever I need them, orgs GA/workseshes/meetings, sleepovers, “study sessions”, chismisan, sigawan, tawanan, iyakan. Can’t believe I’ve only known you for a little over a year. Parang ang dami na nating nagawa together. :)

I am missing you this school year, bb! After mid-September, wala na tayong time together. :( HUHU adventure soon pls!!! Libre kita ng food since it’s your birthday kapag nagpakita ka sa akin hehehe. 

Don’t forget that I’m here for you even if you don’t want anyone to be there. I miss your kwentos and your face na even if we see each other every day in class. :( Whatever you’re going through or feeling right now, it’s okay. Kaya yan. You will get through. Just text me if you need anything or if you want to gv life away. I’ll always be here! 

Happy 18th, Abby!!! I love you and God bless! >:D<

p.s. listen to Jason Mraz’s Yes! album na for positivity ++ :) 

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Days like this one make me extra-grateful and appreciative at the end. Kaya kahit super mega extra-tired, okay pa rin. :)

Ugh wala lang. Amazing when you’re able to survive a day you thought at first you wouldn’t be able to get out from alive and sane. :) But I’m still alive. I don’t know about sane, but I’m still alive and I’m happy and looking forward what the rest of this week will bring. AND LOOKING FORWARD TO THE WEEKEND!! Thank You po nang sobra-sobra! :)

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Before today ends,

I would like to thank you!

For always being a living reminder to do things as excellently as I can and to offer everything up. For reminding me to always turn to Him during difficult times. For teaching me, again and again, how to be excited in the face of all these challenges. For believing in me. For being there. For everything. :)

Goodluck and God bless us for the coming weeks hehehehe kaya ‘to!
(( God bless us, 2020! >:D< ))

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Frustrated because of Physics lab and wasted time. Combined with that, and the lack of sleep for the past 3 nights at ready na akong manaksak ng tao kanina. =)) We were dismissed at 4:40 so I walked fast to UN station, praying that the line wasn’t that long yet. Tapos yay hanggang stairs pa lang! But the line didn’t move for 20 minutes, my feet pls. When we were allowed to go up the station though, the 2nd train that passed was a skip train so nakasakay agad! Huhu miracles thank You Lord. :) Tapos nakaupo sa LRT 2 kahit maraming tao hehe.

So sobrang pagod ko pagdating sa Gateway pero sabi ni Mama nung nakita niya ako, gumaganda raw ako. Mukha raw akong masaya. Flattered!! At nagulat kasi feel ko zombie na ako eh.

So now I vow to not let my stress or tiredness show too much. Hehe but more than that, I won’t let my feeling down make me treat others badly. Kahit pagod ako or stressed, sana hindi ko hayaang maging rason ‘yun para magalit or mainis ako sa ibang tao. Huhu kaya ‘to! :)

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Happy happy weekend

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First class cut spent at McDo yayy!

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After a quiz or an exam…

LU 1: Yeeeeeesss detox / food trip / tv shows / tulog!!!!!
LU 2: Yaaaaaaaaasss makaka-aral na for the next exam!!!!!


"You can do this. I promise."

What a timely reminder from my past self, especially for today. Huhu ang amazing lang na parang pagkatapos kong mag-panic at matakot (because ahhhh Orgchem and Bio please I’m really really really really trying here, pwede onting results man lang huhuhu), binibigyan ako ng world ng words of wisdom and comfort and assurance that somehow, I will get through this. Grace. :)

Hayyy. May mga araw talaga na hindi mo kinakaya at okay lang ‘yun. Basta bangon lang parati. Salamat sa mga taong nagpapaalala sa’kin na kaya pa. Salamat poooo. :)

"But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong." — 2 Corinthians 12: 9 - 11